VIDEO Preview: BLODS to host a comedy double-bill night

On the 18th & 19th May The BLODS Little Theatre, in Bexhill, will host another comedy double-bill night.

Sunday, 29th April 2018, 10:11 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:30 am
Director Andy Mould (top right) with some of the cast from CCTV and Wilfred Slept Here.

After the two sell-out productions since the theatre opened in December, The BLODS are getting ready for its next set of one-act plays: ‘Wilfred Slept Here’ and ‘CCTV’ both directed by Andy Mould. The plays are set to build on the successful set up of using the same actors for both plays.

'Wilfred Slept Here' is a black comedy with an all-female cast. A wife, Judy Welsh, expects to inherit her dead husband's estate until other family members arrive. Soon havoc reigns, coupled with hilarious dialogue. Also staring Marian Baker and Crista Pickering.

'CCTV' is set in the security control room of The Oaks shopping centre. Rich, played by Chris Eyre, is coming on duty for the night shift, relieving Alex (Simon Meeson) and Jane (Claire Hughes), the two other guards. Alex is decidedly non-PC with a penchant for zooming in the CCTV cameras onto unsuspecting women shoppers. Rich is far more conformist and rather pedantic in his attitudes, but he has obviously learnt to put up with Alex's childish behaviour. Jane has a penchant for shopping with a capital S and is a bright, rather feisty addition to the security team. It is, it seems, an ordinary evening at The Oaks – until the arrival of Keith (Darryl Willis), a robber of quite breath-taking incompetence, intent on robbing the shopping centre.

Director Andy Mould (top right) with some of the cast from CCTV and Wilfred Slept Here.

Tickets are £8 and are available online here or by calling 07990940509.