Lady thanks St Leonards ASDA staff after nasty fall: 'they were kindness itself'

A St Leonards woman who cut her head and fell near ASDA in St Leonards has praised the team for their help.

Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 5:01 pm
Updated Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 5:06 pm
A lady who fell near ASDA in St Leonards has praised the staff for helping her

Sarah Hamilton, from Brittany Road, St Leonards, wrote to the Observer with her message of thanks after the accident, which happened around Hallowe'en.

She said: "I’m so very grateful to the staff members of ASDA who were such a help when I cut my head on a too-low street notice and fell onto the pavement.

"They were kindness itself. Amanda helped me up and escorted me into the store, and with Michaela, Rob and Kayley (I hope my spelling is correct!) quickly found me a chair and provided first aid to the cut, then called an ambulance as I felt a bit faint.

"Michaela made me laugh – there were several shoppers in Hallowe’en masks and she said they’d just think I was being made up too!

"They even collected my newspaper and shopping, checking what they’d selected from my list, and made sure my car wouldn’t get a parking fine.

"I’m glad to say I recovered quickly, I’m sure thanks to their professionalism and attentiveness and of course the paramedic, and the nurse and doctor at the Conquest A&E who gave me a thorough check up to make sure I was all right to go home, as a friend was able to drive up to collect me."