Popular networking event to be held in Hastings

Porters Wine Bar in Hastings will be hosting the 19th July Hastings Lunch Club.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:26 pm
A scene from the Bexhill lunch club

The popular networking event was launched by McPhersons Chartered Accountants following the huge success of their Bexhill Lunch Club. Says Ainsley Gill, McPhersons Director;

“We like to keep this event as informal as possible. People come along and are put at ease by the friendly atmosphere. There are no speeches, no presentations, just informal conversations. In our experience over the past 60 years in business, this is the most effective way to build new contacts who become trusted associates of the future”.

Many people dread the idea of networking events. Why would you want to walk into a room full of people you don’t know? What should you say? Accountants may not be the best known for their social skills. However, at McPhersons, all key staff are encouraged to get out there and meet people.

Peter Watters, Director at McPhersons and a regular part of the Bexhill and Hastings networking scene shares some tips that have helped him make networking enjoyable and effective;

Arrive on time – it is less intimidating when it is quieter and people aren’t settled into groups.

Smile, make eye contact, remember and use their names.

Be passionate about your business but don’t go for the hard sell. People do business with people they like. You are starting a relationship, not selling your product right now.

Ask questions and listen to the answer. It doesn’t have to be over complicated. ‘Have you attended this event before?’ ‘Can I join you?’

Follow up; ask the best way to stay in touch and take their details. Link In with them, remind them of your conversation.

Keep going to different events. You will find more and more familiar faces each time you go.

To book your place at the next lunch club just email Katrina Smith [email protected] or call 01424 730000.