East Sussex hospital staff praised for giving their hard-earned wages to charity

Staff at hospitals in East Sussex have been recognised with an award for giving some of their wages to charity.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 9:55 am

Pennies from Heaven is an organisation that collects money from payslips and donates it to charity.

The scheme works by employers signing up and staff are then invited to donate the spare pennies of their payslips.

For example, if they were to earn £800.52, 52p would be donated automatically.

Donations are never more than 99p and the employer chooses which charity/group of charities it wishes to support.

Pennies from Heaven then collects and distributes the donations to various charities.

This year the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has been given a silver award for a 15 per cent participation rate.

Kate Frost, CEO of Pennies from Heaven, said, “Winning this award is a fantastic achievement that is worth shouting about. The real winners from Pennies from Heaven are the charities so I send my appreciation and thanks, on behalf of all of them, for the donations you continue to make month on month.”

Joe Chadwick-Bell, chief executive of the East Sussex trust, said, “Once again this is a great reflection of how generous and giving our staff are. The last year has been a demanding one, but despite this, our marvellous teams have still contributed to this amazing charity, effortless through the ESHT payroll system.

“I cannot commend Pennies from Heaven enough for their fundraising ethos and I would like to actively encourage even more members of ESHT staff to take part, if they feel able to. It would be quite an achievement to win the Platinum Award next year.”

A spokesperson for the charity said despite the worries of Covid impacting people’s ability to contribute, the ‘motivation did indeed rocket’.

The charity said in 2020, donations from NHS staff topped the £1 million mark.

Pennies for Heaven has now raised more than £5.2 million for 250 charities.

To find out more about the scheme go to https://www.penniesfromheaven.co.uk/