Family’s appeal after Hastings cancer patient left without financial support

The family of a mum-of-two from Hastings who was recently diagnosed with cancer are hoping to raise money to support her this Christmas.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 1:48 pm
Amber with her mum Jane Lloyd

Jane Lloyd, 47, was taken ill in September when she came down with pneumonia and pleurisy.

During her time in hospital, a mass was discovered on her left lung, and confirmed to be stage three lung cancer.

Jane is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to target the cancer.

Due to her illness, Jane, who has a 25-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter, has had to stop working as a dementia care worker at a residential home and is now struggling to pay her bills.

Her family has now set up a fundraising page to help support her through the Christmas period.

Jane’s daughter Amber, 21, said: “This fundraiser means so much to mum because we have never had financial backing, me and mum only had each other for many years which meant we have supported each other, sometimes leaving ourselves with pennies to last the month.

“We have tried so many different avenues to get mum some financial help. The benefits system have continually left mum high and dry, and we are still struggling now to get any help for her. She has gone from earning a full-time wage to struggling to pay for her bills and Christmas.

“I honestly struggled admitting that we needed help. For so long my mum has provided for me, put food on the table and clothes on my back. My mum has given me more than I ever could have wanted. It is hard to accept that I cannot do the same for her now she is unwell, we (my partner, myself and mum’s partner) have been doing our best to support mum financially, but this only goes so far. This is why me and my partner started the fundraiser.

“To the people who have donated, you have restored my faith in human compassion.

“What you are doing for my mum means the world to me. I have watched her work herself senseless trying to provide for us, and it is so heartwarming to see people recognising a distressed soul in need of a helping hand. She deserves this more than anyone I have ever met.

“I would love for Mum to have a magical Christmas and not have to worry about money whilst going through life-changing treatment.”

Jane has also said a ‘massive thank you’ to anyone who has or plans to donate.