Pictured: The UK's messiest cars

From the disgusting to the downright dangerous - a rogues' gallery of the country’s mankiest motors

Monday, 1st March 2021, 3:19 pm
Two of Britain's messiest cars

It can be tough keeping your car spotless but for some people even keeping it fit for human use seems to be a challenge.

To see just how bad some drivers are willing to let their car get, automotive supplier Euro Car Parts recently launched a competitition to find Britain’s filthiest car interior.

More than 200 people were willing to share their shame, displaying everything from broken CD cases to what looks like the entire contents of a fast-food restaurant strewn around their vehicles. In the end, Louise Duffy, from Manchester was crowned the messiest car owner, winning £200 worth of cleaning products.

Louise's combination of clothes, food, toys and other unidentifiable objects secure Louise top spot in the contest. She said: “I am delighted beyond belief. Whilst some people might not be happy to claim this title, I certainly am. The car gets so messy because of my happy kids, who apparently know where everything is, which makes for lots of chaos. I am absolutely thrilled to win the prize, and my boys will love to clean out the car with our new goodies.”

Helen Robinson, corporate communications director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Cleaning out your car can often fall to the bottom of your list of jobs, and we’re sure that for many, these images may be a familiar sight.

“Giving your car a clean from time to time means you and your passengers will have a safer and more pleasant driving experience. We recommend cleaning the inside of your car fairly regularly, especially now that many vehicles aren’t being used as often, as unpleasant smells may build up.”

Kazzy isn't taking the blame for this but shared the picture to shame her husband. She let him use her favourite Citroen DS3 convertible and is not thrilled with how it was treated. She insists that he will be cleaning it out.
Marianne claims that she empties her car regularly, but the kids soon see to making a mess again. That's right, Marianne, blame the kids...
With so much filth piling up around the pedals, Steven's van has veered from just disgusting to downright dangerous
Running out of storage space in the house? Take a leaf out of Ashley's book and turn your car into a wardrobe on wheels.
Elizabeth made it clear that this isn't her car but her husband's and he hasn't bothered to clear it out for four years. In fact, she's so horrified by the piles of tools and paperwork lying around that she now refused to get into the car
Eddie clearly hasn't embraced the idea of reusable coffee cups. Or litter bins.
In truth, compared with some of the rolling rubbish bins on this list, Ruth's messy motor is pretty tame.
His job as a handyman means Warren’s poor estate car is filled with all sorts of tools and rubbish.
Duncan wants to make clear that he wasn’t involved in this mess making. The next question is will he be involved in the clean-up operation?