23 more Elf on the Shelf and other elf antics to entertain your children

With less than a week to go until the naughty elves can go back to the North Pole here are some more ideas readers have shared with us.

Friday, 18th December 2020, 4:50 pm
Thank you to Sam Frankson from Crawley for this inspired idea

Some of them are quite simple and easy while some will take a little bit more effort and a thorough clean-up afterwards. You can see our other elf ideas gallery here with 24 more antics.

Andrew Hickey, from Littlehampton, sent in this idea. The 'blood' is a nice touch!
This naughty elf is learning all about the birds and the bees it would seem....thank you to Attila Kálmán, in Yapton, for sharing this.
This elf clearly realises how much value there is in toilet roll. Thank you to Bev Faulks, from Chichester, for this.
Chelsea Hayman from Hastings sent in this picture. These naughty elves have been playing with make-up and, what you cannot see as it is out of shot, have covered the children in blusher and lipstick while they slept
We are not sure what the elf did to annoy the Grinch but it must have been bad....thanks Colin Latimer-Parry from Crawley for sending this idea in to us.
Love the zip wire action going on in the Worthing home of Harriet Goss.
The elves at Dawnie Dee Frances Foordy's Littlehampton home have caused quite a mess in the bath...
Hilary Brookes sent in this simple idea
Quidditch anyone? Thank you to Jodi Gatti from Hastings for sharing this idea.
The elf at the Chichester home of Hilary Brookes clearly likes an adrenalin rush.
The elves have wrapped every single item in Kayleigh Willmott's Hastings kitchen.
The elf at Leah Gregory's Chichester home decided it needed a wash.
Laura Louise Smith from Littlehampton took this photo of her elf who has taken a shine to the Christmas tree fairy.
Elf sandwich anyone? Thank you to Lesley-anne Harod from Crawley for sharing this idea.
At least this elf knows how to use the potty....thank you to Marisa Tow, from Chichester, for this picture.
Looks like the elf at Lucy Rachel's home found the glitter....
These elves have been having a bit of a party at Sallyanne King's home.
The elves at Sam Frankson's Crawley home are obviously a little confused....
The clean-up job for this one may put some people off, but it looks like the elves at Sarah-jane Hackett's Worthing home are enjoying their hot chocolate bath...
Thank you to Zoé Pannett from Burgess Hill for sharing this lunchbox idea.
Martin Gentry from Worthing shared this idea