Scarecrow Festival to return in 2011?

THERE is good news for fans of the Battle Scarecrow Festival as the event may take place this year after all.

The festival was started in 2009 by Beautiful Battle and was an immediate hit with those who live and work in the town, and attracted visitors from all over.

But after last year’s event, which was a runaway success with nearly 70 entries, Margaret Emeleus, chair of Beautiful Battle, announced the festival would be taking a break in 2011.

She said the rest would allow the event to “maintain its appeal and freshness” and that the festival would return in 2012.

But the Battle and District Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Battle Town Council, are considering organising the event themselves this summer.

A final decision has yet to be made, but Gary Honeysett, president of the Chamber, and Cllr Richard Jessop, vice chair of Battle Town Council, are due to meet with Margaret Emeleus and two of last year’s volunteers on February 9.

The meeting has been arranged to discuss the viability of running the festival and consider the information from the 2010 event.

Margaret has stressed she will be at the meeting as an advisor only.

Dale Cromwell, vice president of the Battle and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “The people involved in Beautiful Battle did a great job, but did not want to continue it every year.

“The feeling was if the Chamber took it on, there were more people in the Chamber who could organise it.”

A final decision on whether the festival will go ahead will be made next month.