A message from the Mayor of Rye

As I walked about Rye I was struck by how gorgeous the town looks at this time of year. Everywhere, from Tilling Green to the top of the Citadel, citizens have decorated with lights and candles, wreaths, trees and traditional displays to celebrate the season. We all know Rye is a great place to visit, but we must ensure it continues to be a great place to live.

As your Mayor, I have travelled far and wide, representing Rye and talking it up. I have had dinner in castles, visited wartime installations and airfields, attended remembrance services and travelled to Ypres to lay a wreath on behalf of Rye. Everywhere I go, people who know Rye are full of praise.

However, being Mayor is not all about having a jolly time. The Council spends a lot of time and energy discussing problems and seeking solutions for them. However, I can see no point in discussion, if actions do not take place and this the Council has followed through with results. In 2015 a partial solution to traffic and deliveries in the Citadel in the form of the High Street Loading Bay comes into force. Illegal and idiotic parking continues to be a problem by private individuals but be assured – we are after you too!

In 2015 we will also be seeing the new Town Steward at work. The Town Council has employed him to tackle certain maintenance jobs in the Town which are no longer prioritised by other cash-strapped authorities. He will be helping to keep our town tidy and safe so please get in touch if you have identified a problem in the part of Rye in which you live. May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and prosperous New Year.