A mind-blowing show from duo

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells For Two, White Rock Theatre, Hastings. June 27. Review by Malcolm Robinson.

Back in the early 1970s a young 19-year-old unknown musician came on the scene by the name of Mike Oldfield whose first album Tubular Bells (1973) absolutely smashed the charts of the day.

One piece of music from Tubular Bells was used in the classic horror film The Exorcist and to this day anyone who listens to this segment of music instantly remembers the film.

The original Tubular Bells album not only featured Mike Oldfield but a number of other musicians as well who together made up this whole wall of sound (although Oldfield did play a lot of instruments on the album himself).

So when I heard that just two musicians were coming to play the full album at the Hastings White Rock Theatre I was quite surprised and wondering how on Earth they could pull it off.

Anyway, pull it off they did (and then some!)

I attended the performance of Tubular Bells for Two at The White Rock Theatre along with my partner Carole.

Taking our seats we saw that the stage was awash with all kinds of instruments all of which were soon to be picked up and played.

Now being of a certain age I was sitting in the audience wondering if they could pull it off as Tubular Bells is such an iconic album that if not performed properly would soon be picked up by the connoisseur of Oldfield’s music. (I shouldn’t have worried!)

Both Daniel Holdsworth and his fellow Australian musician Aidan Roberts launched into the album playing each album track note for note.

Seriously folks this was just mind blowing, it really was.

The skill of these guys on the keyboard, the electric and acoustic guitar and drums had to be seen to be believed.

It was flawless.

It isn’t any wonder then that these guys won a Herald Angel award and got several five-star reviews at the Edinburgh 2012 Fringe Festival.

These guys are currently on a tour of Britain and I would strongly suggest that you check them out.

The album may be more than 40 years old but good music never dies.

These two men have done a marvellous job in bringing an iconic album back to the British people their talent was a joy to watch.

A ‘must’ watch show.