Abandoned Mr Bean needs a new home says charity

Mr Bean
Mr Bean

A ONE-EYED dog ditched by a railway line needs a loving new home to get his life back on track says Northiam’s Blue Cross animal centre.

Jack Russell terrier Mr Bean arrived in Northiam from London after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a damaged eye.

A passer-by had found him dangerously close to a train line in the capital. At first she thought it was a fox, but as she got closer, she realised it was a frightened dog, covered in dirt and grease, with blood on his face. He was just inches from straying into danger onto the tracks.

The terrier was taken to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria for treatment.

Mark Bossley, Blue Cross chief vet at the hospital, said: “His right eye was very badly damaged, which was the result of an old injury. It was lacerated, which would have been caused by a sharp object, perhaps a cat scratch or barbed wire, and his lens was also damaged beyond repair. The best thing for Mr Bean was to have surgery to remove his eye.”

Mark adds: “We’ll never know what happened to Mr Bean but it’s possible that whoever owned him couldn’t afford to pay for the vet bills, so he was abandoned.”

After recovering from his operation, Mr Bean was taken to the charity’s rehoming centre in Northiam to start his search for a happy new home.

Maria Marmo, centre manager for Blue Cross in Northiam, said: “Mr Bean is such a friendly little chap, especially considering what he’s been through. He’s looking for new owners who can offer him a nice, stable home, as he is still getting used to life with one eye.“

Maria added: “If you are struggling to cope with caring for your pet, please don’t abandon them to fend for themselves. Contact a charity like Blue Cross, who will do what they can to help and find a new home for your pet if that is the best option.”

Sadly, Mr Bean is just one of thousands of pets who end up abandoned and left to fend for themselves every year. Blue Cross has seen a 50% increase in the number of stray and abandoned pets at its rehoming centres in the last four years.

Mr Bean, who is around six or seven years old, would be able to live with children as long as they get on when they are introduced at the centre.

He gets on well with other dogs at the centre, so could also be happy to share his new home with another dog.

If you think you could offer Mr Bean the new home he deserves, contact the Blue Cross centre in Northiam on 0300 777 1510 to find out more.

Blue Cross receives no government funding and relies on donations to continue help poorly and homeless pets.