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Northiam balck cat
Northiam balck cat

BLACK cats and kittens have not been so lucky at Northiam’s Blue Cross animal centre where they often get overlooked in favour of other coloured cats.

Sophia Khan from the charity, which operates from St Francis Field at Northiam, said: “They do seem to get overlooked and often take much longer to find homes than other cats.”

Traditionally associated with witches and all things Halloween, black cats are often the subject of superstitions that may be stopping people adopting them, sasy the Blue Cross Charity.

Sophia Khan added: “Whatever the reasons, black cats certainly seem to have people in Sussex spooked, with charity staff currently caring for five black cats at the Northiam centre.”

Maria Marmo, Blue Cross centre manager at Northiam said: “We don’t know why some people don’t want to adopt a black cat, perhaps they are superstitious about it and think they are unlucky – they do seem to take longer to find homes.

“We’re urging people who are thinking of adopting a cat to take a closer look at the black cats we are caring for; they really are just as affectionate and loving as the brighter coloured pets.”

Cats are considered both lucky and unlucky, depending on where you come from. Common myths about black cats include:

It is good luck if a black cat crosses your path in the UK and Japan, but in the US and much of Europe it means bad luck is on the way.

In Germany it depends which direction a black cat walks in front of you. Left to right means good times ahead, but walking the other direction means the opposite.

Italians believe that if a black cat jumps on the bed next to a sick person, the person will soon die.

If a black cat appears on your doorstep in Scotland it means you’re coming into money

In China, some believe black cats to be bringers of poverty.

Blue Cross staff in Northiam are urging cat lovers to come and meet the black cats in their care, including lovely four year old Rosie.

Rosie was found as a stray and is now looking for a happy new home in a rural location. She is an affectionate, confident cat who enjoys human company and will give you a friendly lick when you stroke her.

If you could offer a home to one of the other many black cats at Blue Cross, visit www.bluecross.org.uk to find out more or contact the Northiam rehoming centre on 0300 777 1510.