Aliens land at Rye Primary School

Alien invasion at Rye Primary. 14/11/12
Alien invasion at Rye Primary. 14/11/12

RYE Community PrimarySchool was more like Area 51 this month after an alien spaceship landed in its grounds.

Pupils were in for a shock when they found a smoking pile of debris in their playground.

As the flames died back the children could see, beyond the police hazard tape, a burnt out UFO!

As part of their topic on Monsters and Aliens, the children in KS1 and Reception classes have been learning to write and present news reports. So when the alien spaceship crash landed at the back of Rye Primary the children had a chance to put their skills to the test!

The children have enjoyed playing detective, interviewing members of staff and other children around the school, as well as caring for the stranded aliens and working out ways to get them home.