Amazing fund rasing feats of Pett farmer Tim Jury

Tim Jury
Tim Jury

PETT farmer Tim Jury continued a year of charity achievements last week by cycling 78 miles to London.

It was the latest in a series of tough challenges undertaken by Tim to celebrate his 60th birthday this year and raise money for Farm Africa.

His efforts have included running the London marathon in a chicken suit and running the 69 mile length of Hadrian’s Wall.

Tim has spent most of his life raising funds for Farm Africa and has generated more than £1000,00 for the charity which is tackling hunger by providing farmers with skills and tools so they can grow more food.

It was after watching a harrowing series of reports by the BBC’s Michael Buerke on the 1984 Ethiopian famine that Tim decided he had to do whatever he could to help tackle hunger in eastern Africa.

Years later, explaining his decades-long commitment to supporting smallholder farmers struggling to grow enough food for their families and communities in some of the most challenging conditions on earth, Tim commented:

“They are as important as anyone living next door and it is an absolute tragedy that they have been neglected. It is not aid they lack, but the basic resources to feed themselves.”

He has seen with his own eyes the life-changing effect of Farm Africa’s work during a visit he made to one of the charity’s projects in Ethiopia:

“What I saw on the ground in Ethiopia wasn’t just the gratitude that was awe-inspiring, but seeing the dignity of those people being able to look after themselves thanks to Farm Africa’s work helping them to grow food more effectively.”

Tim’s charity work over the last 26 years has involved holding horse-rides, barn dances and carol concerts locally as well as running a half-marathon in a Kenyan game park.

Pam Williams-Jones, of Farm Africa, said: ““Tim’s commitment to fund raising and raising awareness of our work over such a long period of time is simply extraordinary.

“He is an inspiration, not just to us but to all those looking to make a difference through supporting a charity.

“I’d like to extend the gratitude of all Farm Africa staff and the communities we work with on the ground to Tim for everything he has done and is doing. And of course, we’d like to wish him a very happy birthday.”