Amber stands against Legal Aid cuts

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RYE MP Amber Rudd made a House of Commons speech urging ministers to thing carefully before making cuts to Legal Aid services.

At a debate on the consultation proposals for the reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales, last week, Amber spoke about the need to continue support to local voluntary groups providing essential aid to vulnerable local citizens.

The Government’s proposals calls for cuts to the Justice department which includes proposals that will take certain areas of social welfare legal aid out of scope. The Consultation on the proposals can be found at

Amber asked the government to think again.

She said: “I am worried that some of my most vulnerable constituents may really struggle to manage their casework and prepare for a tribunal hearing without the help of Legal Aid-funded services.

“I urge Ministers to consider the costs and consequences of the proposed changes to legal aid.”

The official report for the debate, including Amber’s contribution can be found at