Amber steps in to sort out Rye’s Store Wars


MONDAY could be D-Day in Rye’s long-running supermarket stalemate with MP Amber Rudd calling a House of Commons summit meeting with Tesco and Sainsburys in a bid to find a way forward.

Ms Rudd has already raised the issue at Parliament telling Leader of the House Andrew Lansley: “We have an unacceptable situation in Rye, where two giants of the supermarket world co-own one site on which they cannot reach an agreement.

“For years, my constituents have had to wait to see who can develop it. It is still undeveloped, causing blight and irritation to the whole town.

“May we have a debate on how to persuade these large corporate giants to act perhaps in the best interest of the community?”

He responded: “She would be right to take the opportunity to say to the companies concerned that while it is their decision, she and her local authority might be best placed to try and broker a solution.

“I encourage the companies to get together, as she asks, and see whether they can do something that is in the best interest of her community.”

Speaking this week Amber Rudd said: “This has gone on for far too long and it is time for the supermarkets involved and Network Rail to think about the community. We understand these are commercial matters but it is time to bring all the parties together to seek a resolution.

“I have called a “Peace Summit” and invited all parties with an interest to attend the House of Commons.

“I have written to Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s CEOs in order to get their support for finding a resolution.

“I have spoken to all three parties who need to be agreement for this to go ahead: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Network Rail. All parties understand they must start prioritising the needs of Rye. I am going to make sure that happens, the meeting will also be attended by Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council.“I plan to break the stale mate and get this project moving.”