Annual pancake celebrations at Vinehall


THE children at Vinehall Pre-Prep celebrated Pancake Day with an exciting assembly and pancake races.

Two staff teams gave a ‘Ready, Steady Cook’ demonstration of cooking, with one team working well together and following a recipe to make a great pancake, while the other team ignored the recipe, argued and made a terrible mess.

Year 2 performed their assembly on the theme of Pancake Day, treating the audience to lots of information about the celebration around the world, complete with poetry, song and music.

This was followed by the pancake races in the sports hall, a much-loved annual event organised by The Friends of Vinehall.

Children from as young as two donned a funny hat and took turns running a relay race whilst holding the frying pa.

Luckily not too many pancakes were dropped when the children stopped to toss them.

There was plenty of laughter, with just a tiny bit of help given by parents and staff.