Anti-road rally in Crowhurst

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Campaigners have gathered near the site of the Bexhill Hastings link road development to show opposition to it and other roads planned across Britain.

In bright sunshine on the recreation ground the rally started with a summer fair atmosphere as protesters enjoyed the opportunity to talk and share their views. They ate picnic food on the grass during the afternoon with music, comedy and discussion. including a speech by activist John Stewart who is currently fighting Heathrow airport expansion.

The event was organised by Sian Berry of Roads To Nowhere Campaign with support from the RSPB, Friends Of The Earth and Greenpeace as well as local groups like BLINKRR and Combe Haven Defenders.

Sian said: “This is about trying to make sure local groups that are fighting roads can talk to each other, get together and learn from each other’s successes and is a networking opportunity.”

The rally is to show opposition to more than 200 new roads being proposed by the government but Sian felt the Bexhill Hastings link road was “the worst one”, and commented: “It is being built right across this precious site. The Combe Haven Valley is a place of recreation, people walk here, and it is an amazing historical landscape. It is emblematic of the problems different roads can cause - but it is all going on here. There is everything wrong with this road.”