Anti-social behaviour will not be welcome this Halloween

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POLICE in Battle and Rye say they are not prepared to tolerate any anti-social behaviour this Halloween.

Halloween falls at a time when the evenings begin to get darker and colder and police often receive a higher number of reports of anti-social behaviour relating to noise, nuisance, criminal damage and fireworks.

For some, especially the elderly and vulnerable, Halloween can be a distressing time.

Parents and teenagers are being asked to ensure that any trick or treating is done responsibly.

Sussex Police are asking parents and guardians to play their part in reducing the distress for the elderly and vulnerable by ensuring young children do not go trick or treating on their own and are respectful to home owners whether they are welcoming trick or treaters or wish to not be disturbed.

Parents of teenage children who are planning on trick or treating are asked to make sure they know where they are going and reminded not to knock on the doors of strangers who wish not to be disturbed.

Older children who are trick or treating unsupervised are being encouraged to stay with friends at all times.

Rother Neighbourhood Policing Inspector James Scott said “We don’t want to spoil the fun for the many who enjoy Halloween and trick or treating in a respectful way but I do want to point out that police officers dedicated to providing high visibility patrols and keeping an eye out for trouble-making trick or treaters will be on duty during Halloween night and will not tolerate any kind of anti-social behaviour.

“I’d like to ask anyone out and about on Halloween night to respect home owners who choose to display the ‘NO trick or treaters’ poster and leave them in peace.

“Finally, to anyone who experiences anti-social behaviour on Halloween night or indeed any other night, please do not hesitate to contact us online at, or by calling 101.

“If an emergency, ie those causing the anti-social behaviour are damaging property or committing any other crime in front of you please call 999.”

* If you don’t want to be disturbed by trick or treaters this Halloween, print out this poster and display it clearly in your window.

The poster is also available from Battle and Rye police stations and a number of local shops.