Ap-pealing sounds from Battle Bell Ringers to mark the Jubilee

BATTLE Bell Ringers will pay their own tribute to the Queen - with a marathon three-hour peal of bells.

On Tuesday, the group will attempt to ring a peal Bristol Surprise Major at St Mary’s Church in Battle.

Tower captain Alan Turner explains: “Major means the method involves eight bells.

“Surprise is a family of methods that are substantially more difficult than their plain cousins.

“It doesn’t mean that we are surprised if we are successful, even though some of us may be just that!

“Bristol is the method name, it is the most difficult to ring of the standard eight surprise Major, except for one even more formidable; London.

“Bristol has some quirky terms ringers use to help our memories. It has lightening work, wrong hunting, and fish tails, to name just three.

“The band will consist of four Battle ringers, and four members of the Royal Society of Cumberland Youths, who have kindly helped us out.

“Battle bells are heavy, the tenor weighs over a ton, so it will take us about three hours to complete, starting at 9.30am.

“We hope you enjoy listening to our peal. This ancient art of ringing in this style is unique to Britain.

“To someone who doesn’t ring, the bells may sound random. It is, in fact, far from it.

“We are always looking to teach people, as sadly numbers are declining.

“There is a lot more to it than pulling on a rope!”