Archaeology talk on the Link Road

HASTINGS Museum and Art Gallery will be hosting a free illustrated talk about the archaeology of the link road under construction between Hastings and Bexhill on Saturday January 18 at 2pm.

East Sussex County Archaeologist Casper Johnson will talk about the findings so far from the ongoing excavations on the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road that have been carried out by Oxford Archaeology with as many as 40 staff.

Cllr Emily Westley, lead member for leisure and amenities at Hastings Borough Council, said: “Some impressive findings have already been made, with evidence of past human activity from almost every period since the end of the last ice age, covering the periods of hunter gatherers, early farmers, iron workers and more recent settlements.

“The earliest evidence includes flint scatters from possibly the Upper Palaeolithic onwards, and at one site on the edge of Watermill Stream, over 20 separate scatters of worked flints were revealed.

“They have also found evidence that points to a significant early native British iron industry.

“This will be a fascinating afternoon for anyone interested in the early developments of the area as well as those interested in general history or archaeological techniques.”

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