Architects show vision of Hastings for the future

A STRING of architects will present their visions of a future Hastings as part of a project looking at ways to transform the town.

More than a dozen locally-based architects will take part in the So Create A Difference scheme, with an exhibition planned for April showcasing their ideas. It will be put on in an empty unit in Priory Meadow alongside a temporary drop-in centre and workshop, giving locals the chance to have their input into the project.

And the architects’ and the public’s visualisations and views will be turned into a book and presented to senior staff and councillors at Hastings Borough Council.

So Create a Difference Hastings is the brainchild of architects Ken Davis and John Hibberd, who are active members of the Hastings Urban Design Group. The pair took part in last year’s highly successful So Create A Difference Tunbridge Wells and felt that the project provides an invaluable template to use in Hastings and St Leonards.

Chairman of the Hastings Urban Design Group, Chris Lewcock said: “Creative thinking is the first step towards transforming Hastings’ great potential into reality.”

For more information follow So Create A Difference on Twitter @SoCreate…Hastings or search for it on Facebook. The drop-in event takes place on April 5.