Are the Liberal Democrats the best option for a European Britain?

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From: Jeremy Field, Virgins Lane, Battle

First I should say that due to a technical glitch our usual monthly ‘LibDem Perspective’ column was not submitted. Faced with an empty space the Editor selected a past article and reprinted that- it was in fact the column first published in May just after the local elections. My name appears in the header simply because it is I who usually sends the columns in. I am not, and never wish to be, a Rother Councillor, much as I respect most of those who do!

While Jo Swinson’s Prime Ministerial ambition may indeed be somewhat optimistic, she would undoubtedly be criticised along the lines of ‘why should we vote for you if even you don’t think you can win’ if she did not voice that aspiration. In the current political climate many outcomes are possible and if all who believe our country’s interests are best served by remaining in the EU were to vote for the chief proponent of ‘Remain’ then Liberal Democrats would indeed gain a considerable number of seats.

Having watched the Andrew Neil interview, despite Neil’s very aggressive attempts to force the issue Jo Swinson quite clearly did NOT say that an incoming Tory majority government ‘would have no mandate whatsoever to proceed with Brexit’. She acknowledged that they would have the votes to take Brexit through but that she would continue to oppose it.

We certainly do not suggest, as your correspondent indicates, that the LibDems’ stance ‘ignores the views of the voters as expressed in the EU referendum’. What we do say is that the referendum was a heavily flawed process with many people grossly misled over the consequences and practicalities of leaving. To compare our continuing resistance to a damaging 52/48 result three and a half years ago with the previous Rother Tory administration’s rejection of the 96/4 result of the D4B vote for a Bexhill Town Council is at the least disingenuous.