Areas of Rye are an untidy mess

A Rye councillor has said the community are having to take the lead in preventing areas of the historic town becoming a “tatty disgrace.”

Cllr Granville Bantick said: “It seems unless the community does something nothing much gets done.

“ Another good example is Mason Road outside the Tilling Green Community Centre which is a disgrace with weeds against the wire fence now falling over half the pavement.

“No one takes responsibility. The station approach along the railway opposite Jempson is another black spot.”

The station area has been described as ‘a rat’s castle’ by another Rye councillor, Ian Potter, who said overgrown vegetation was attracting vermin.

It took Tilling Green residents almost a year of raising the issue before they were able to persuade Rother Council to provide a seagull-proof bin at the children’s playground at Mason Road.

The issue of how Rye is becoming neglected and untidy was raised recently by Alan Bolden, chairman of the Democracy for Rye Group.

He pointed out the broken clock and illuminations at the Landgate Arch and said many footpaths had become overgrown with vegetation.

The Rye look-outs at Gun Garden and Watchbell Street had views obscured by tall vegetation which has been left unman aged.

Mr Bolden challenged Rye Town Council to come up with a way of addressing the problem.

The group is set to meet this autumn to discuss the council’s response and what, if anything, has been done to tackle the problem.