Artist Romeo woos the House of Lords with culture talk

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SEDLESCOMBE artist and Patron of The Arts in Healthcare for East Sussex Hospitals Trust, Cav. Romeo Di Girolamo, delivered a talk on Making a Mark in a Multicultural Society to the House of Lords last week.

Romeo spoke about his experience of multicultural life in Britain, from the perspective of an Italian who came to this country in 1948.

He is still an Italian National and is very proud of his heritage.

Married to an Anglo Indian sculptor, also of National repute, Romeo has lived and worked in England his whole life.

He spoke of the rich contribution different cultures have made towards England, both culturally and economically, and how important it is that we embrace differences and celebrate each others cultures.

The speech was very well received.

Romeo was principal of an art and design college and president of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA).

He has exhibited with some of the biggest names in British art and design and has dedicated his life to arts education at every level.

He has always put his achievements down to a remarkable man from Hastings who was the headmaster of Quainton C of E School who inspired Romeo to become an artist.