Bank holiday sunshine brings out bikers

Hundreds of bikers headed for Rye on Sunday after temperatures soared.

The Strand Quay car park was a awash with machines and cafes and restaurants did a roaring trade.

Not everyone welcomed the invasion though. Len Ridley commented: “I was sitting in the Gun Garden and all you could hear was the noise of bikes from the A259.

“I saw a number of bikers riding really dangerously on Winchelsea Road, coming out of Rye. They were weaving in and out of traffic and going across into the other lane. A number were acting really irresponsibly and riding like they owned the road.”

Mum of three Nicola Cartmell said: “The noise was horrendous. They seemed to be having a good time and the bikes do look impressive, but they act as if they own the place.”

Police have been conducting Operation Ride Safe in Rye and speaking to bikers about anti-social riding.

More bikers are set to hit Rye today as the good weather holds.