Battle and District Ladies Luncheon Club

33 members attended the Battle and District Ladies Luncheon Club on a glorious June day.

After an excellent lunch we were entertained splendidly by Margaret Watson on a return visit by popular demand.

Her childhood passion was to play the harp and she had to wait until she was 14 before her parents invested in an instrument for her. Now she is able to buy her own and the current one cost £30,000 this is very large and weighs 41 kilos. Custom built harps start at £100,000.

Also she has to have a large van to be able to transport her equipment to give her concerts. To be on the safe side in case of breakdowns her husband also drives a large van.

Margaret explained the workings of the harp, played classical and pop music and also sang some popular Broadway songs.

The Ladies meet next on Wednesday July 11th at Bannentynes Hotel with a talk by Mrs. Heather Goodsell titled Hedgerow Magic.

For more information about the friendly group contact Pat Clements on 215310.