Battle gets ready for bonfire night

Battle Bonfire 2016. Photo by Frank Copper
Battle Bonfire 2016. Photo by Frank Copper

Battle is gearing up for its annual bonfire celebrations tomorrow (Saturday, November 4).

The event, which starts at 10am, is hosted by Battel Bonfire Boyes (BBB).

Official BBB street collectors will be out in force throughout the day, collecting donations for charities and good causes.

The ringing of the church bells and a children’s procession starts at 10am.

It will wind its way down from the top of the High Street to the Abbey Green, with children dressed in fancy dress.

At 10.30am judging of children’s fancy dress and the Guy contest will take place, with prizes for fancy dress and Guy being awarded.

A stall will also be open on the Green from 9am until 5pm for merchandise, programmes and information on the event.

From 6pm the Abbey Green will be closed off to the public. No members of the public are permitted entry after this time.

Battle High Street road closure also comes into force until midnight.

Caldbec Hill and Mount Street are closed from 6pm to 8.15pm.

The Guy will then be taken up the High Street to join the start of the procession from 7pm to 7.15pm.

The procession also forms up at Market Street at this time.

At 7.30pm a marroon is launched, marking the start of the procession, which will proceed down High Street to the Abbey Green, before going towards the train station and then back up to the Green.

Battel Bonfire Boyes will then enter the Abbey via the gateway and turn around, before proceeding back up the High Street, along with the rest of the procession around and back to the Abbey Green.

The bonfire will then be lit at 9pm before a fireworks display, together with the burning of the effigy starts at 9.30pm.

Battle’s annual bonfire event is free and the vast sum of money raised to put on the popular event is raised by Battel Bonfire Boyes through hard work at various events throughout the year. Donations are also accepted.