Battle ladies join together for World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer SUS-150903-142510001
World Day of Prayer SUS-150903-142510001

The Christian ladies of Battle joined together for the annual interdenominational World Day of Prayer on Friday 6th March at the Emmanual Centre, Battle, the home of the Battle Methodist Church.

Women from all over the World celebrate this same service on this day.

The beautiful service was written by the ladies of the Bahamas. During the Service we prayed for the women ‘Over the Hill’ in the poorest part of Nassau, those at the Crisis Centre who are the victims of domestic violence and those who have been physically, sexually, verbally and emotionally abused, those in the Detention Centre, refugees and migrant workers and illegal immigrants. Single parents, especially teenage mothers who struggle to continue their education while caring for their children were particularly remembered, together with those suffering from HIV, Aids and Breast Cancer.

Today’s Bahamian lifestyle and culture have been greatly influenced by the West Africans, who arrived as slaves and the British, who colonised the islands in the 17th century. This gave the Bahamas their culinary variety and rich heritage of music, dance and the arts. Although the Bahamas is one of the most prosperous countries in the West Indies, there are also areas of deprivation and it is usually the women who have the poorly paid domestic jobs.

The Service was based on Christ’s love for us and our radical love for our neighbours.