Battle lighting changes coming

BATTLE Town Council has voted to press ahead with plans to switch to part night lighting.

The council wants to turn off streetlights in residential areas between midnight and 5.30am in a bid to cut down on soaring electricity bills, save energy and cut light pollution.

It is proposing to phase the introduction of part night lighting over three years.

In the first year this will be combined with a major maintenance and replacement programme.

The change involves replacing a photo electric cell and will cost about £11,000 over three years.

The investment will be quickly repaid as the council will save £6,000 annually on electricity bills.

A handful of people turned out to a public meeting last month to listen to the council’s proposals.

Several people expressed concerns, including that the switch could lead to an increase in falls and affect passengers on the last train, which arrives at Battle station after midnight.

At a public meeting on Tuesday night, councillors voted to press ahead with the changes.

Meetings are planned with contractors and the first phase of work will start ‘as soon as possible’ in the new financial year.

Streets to be included in the first wave of work are: Darvel Down and Middle Close in Netherfield, Coronation Gardens, Marley Gardens, Marley Rise, Marley Close, St Mary’s Villas, St Mary’s Terrace, Kingsdale Close, Abbotts Close, Asten Fields, Norman Close and Battle Gates.

* Rother Council has said it has ‘no plans’ to switch off lights in the town’s car parks.