Battle Rotary Club launches new fund to help primary school education projects


A new initiative is to be launched in the Battle area to help primary schools with funding for educational projects.

The Rotary Club of Battle has, for many years, encouraged schools’ participation in national Rotary youth competitions, particularly for young speakers and writers.

However, these events are for secondary students and the club wants to do more to help younger children.

Speaking at the recent parish assembly, club president Tim Harrison, announced a new initiative.

He said: “To a large extent, our charitable funds tend to be allocated in response to groups and organisations who approach us and we will continue to support the many good causes represented by these groups.

“In addition, however, the club now intends to take the initiative and to direct some of its funds to help primary schools with educational projects which they would otherwise find difficult to finance. Over the next two years we will be setting aside £4,000 for this purpose.”

The scheme will be open to all primary schools in the club’s catchment area which includes the surrounding villages. Each school will be limited to one application during the two year period and the maximum donation will be £500 which the school will be required to match from whatever other sources are available.

Tim added: “I will shortly be writing to all the qualifying schools with details of the scheme and inviting applications. Although these will be considered on a first come first served basis, we believe that the £4,000 we are setting aside for the scheme should ensure that nobody will be disappointed. The club will need to consider each proposal on its merits but, providing that it has a clear educational purpose, and that sufficient funds are in place to implement any proposal, we would expect to support each application.”