Battle school raises diabetes awareness


Pupils from Battle and Langton Primary School will be donning their onesies on Friday November 14 to take part in a charity day to raise awareness about children with Type 1 Diabetes.

The cause is close to home for one Battle family, the Hoiles, whose daughter Alana, aged ten, was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of two.

Dad Glenn, a local builder, will be joining in the appeal by wearing a onesie to work all day.

Mum Kate Hoile said: “The premise behind it is “ be a TypeOnsie for World Diabetes Day. This is to raise funds for JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation) A charity that is searching for improved methods to manage living with Type 1 diabetes and ultimately a cure.

“Type 1 diabetes often strikes in childhood. It is an auto immune disorder, and is not caused by a high sugar diet and poor lifestyle choices.

“Our daughter Alana Hoile was diagnosed aged 2, after displaying the common symptoms: Thirst, hunger, tiredness and frequent urination.

“ She is now 10 years old and using an insulin pump, and doing well. It is a very complex disease to manage and JDRF are instrumental in giving her, and many others, the greatest chance of a healthy long life.”

Also taking part on Friday are St Mary’s Nursery, the Kings Head pub and Hastings business Five Dollar Shake.

A fundraising page has been set up for Glenn’s efforts at.