Battle Speakers’ Club

Kelan Watling warmed up the Battle Speakers for the beginning of British summertime: by challenging them to recollect April fools’ tricks. Nicola Smith remembered asking a work colleague to buy a tin of tartan paint at a DIY store. The evening was hosted by charming Toastmaster Peter Matthews, who introduced all the speakers and their roles.

The evenings Grammarian Barnaby Davies put the speakers through their paces, by requesting them to use the word eustress in their speeches. The Ah Counter Amanda Donaldson, instructed speakers to let the pause fill the audiences minds.

The evenings first prepared speech titled “The Early Years” was presented by Graham Warwick, this was Graham’s first ever speech to the club.

Graham Gardner assessing Graham said he rated this icebreaker as one of the best speeches he had ever heard.

The second prepared speech was delivered by Alison Pringle titled “Balancing The Scales Of Justice “ .

Alison discussed her concerns about false allegations in rape cases. she referred to the Crown Prosecution Service’s recent research to support her account.

Dec Cluskey, who evaluated Alison’s speech, said she could have used more movement and better use of body language.

The third prepared speech was given by Susan Kennard who confidently delivered her speech titled”Past Lives and Unconditional Love”.

Susan asked members to consider whether they believed they had ever been here before.

Giles Robinson who evaluated Susan stated she managed to reach her objective, which was to inspire the audience and impressively did not need to refer to any notes.

The final prepared speech was presented by Denise Mulligan titled “Voyage Of Self Discovery”.

Denise asked club members to consider carefully a rhetorical question, do you know who you are ?

Dorothy Margison who assessed Denise’s speech said she had a good opening and conclusion. Asking us to reflect on what we are proud of and When we feel fulfilled.

The topics chairperson Dorothy Margison launched the second half of the meeting, by selecting members to speak about an object without any preparation. First up was Barnaby Davies ,who held court with humour ,having been presented with a sun visor.

Giles Robinson creatively brought his object into Season : by discussing birds singing in spring. Peter Carney masterfully turned into a dark haired Boris, adorning a black hairpiece he entertained the audience for two minutes.

Wendy Turner skilfully told silly stories about a hairband.

Mark Mulcahy expertly assessed the topics session and praised Dorothy for her wonderful bag of goodies.

Toastmaster Peter Carney acted as the General Evaluator .

He provided useful feedback of the whole evening.

Come and experience Toastmasters for yourself:Battle Speakers club is known for being parCicularly welcoming and fun.

Ages ranging from 84 to 18. the club meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Battle Club, rear of 91 High Street.Battle.(entrance next to Yesterday’s world)TN330AQ from 7.15pm to 9.45pm. Further details can be found,or call Giles Robinson on 01424 773972 .