Battle Speakers Club

The speakers imaginations were put to the test by Susan Kennard when she asked them if they had magic wands what would they want to change .There was a very diverse range of wishes from changing the weather to human nature .Dec Cluskey enjoyed waving his magic wand stating he would become a living God like Giles Robinson .This caused fits of laughter from audience.

The evenings Toastmaster was the energetic and personable Silvia King who introduced all the speakers and their roles .The evenings Hot Tip was given by Giles Robinson . He advised not to simply regurgitate the contents of a speech when providing feedback . Instead he recommended trying to give each speaker a constructive tip to take home.

Peter Carney delivered a fascinating and informative speech titled “The Gardens of Beechey Island “ .Peter shared his passion for historical research when he discussed detailed aspects to Ernest Shackletons Antarctic expedition. He used visual aids to bring the topic alive ,as he explored various theories about the crews demise .

Adam Frampton spoke about love and how the word was over used. His speech was powerful and thought provoking. Adam used good intonation,excellent eye contact and hand gestures.

Dec Cluskey conducted a business presentation titled “moments of Truth” in which he stated you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The content of Dec’s discussion was excellent. He engaged with the audience by getting them to participate throughout the talk. overall he created an enjoyable ambience .However,Dorothy Margison evaluating Dec commented on the irony of him not wearing a jacket or tie.

In the second part of the evening Nicola Smith presented some challenging impromptu topics, selecting members to speak about consuming very unusual cuisine. Glenda Proctor splendidly described consuming a plate of cockroaches, whereas ,Mark Mulcahy feasted on a loin of Lion,he made everyone roar with laughter. Giles Robinson used great drama when talked about drinking Crocodile tea .Alison Pringle evaluating the table topics said the speakers had excelled in their delivery and overall performances.

A stimulating and interesting evening was had by all. Would you like to find out more about Battle Speakers Club ?. Further details can be found at,or call Giles Robinson on 01424 773972.