Battle to take on another great tapestry challenge

Landing of William's Troops and Horses at Pevensey � Chantal James  (reproduced with permission) SUS-180801-115154001
Landing of William's Troops and Horses at Pevensey � Chantal James (reproduced with permission) SUS-180801-115154001

The Battle Twinning Association is issuing a new challenge to Battle residents and those of the surrounding area of 1066 Country.

Following the successful completion and launch of the Battle Tapestry in 2017, the Battle Twinning Association has decided to undertake a community tapestry stitching project, in parallel with its twin town of St Valery-sur- Somme.

The projects arose after St Valery’s Twinning Association offered to display the Battle Tapestry for a week in March in the town’s exhibition centre, the Tribunal.

During a visit to St Valery in September, Tina Greene, designer and leader of the Battle Tapestry Project, and husband Peter, discussed details of the exhibition of the Battle Tapestry with chairman Jacques Magnier and his wife, Joelle. The idea for a joint project with the Battle Twinning Association was born over lunch at the Magnier’s house.

Each twinning association would take on the task of stitching a section of the Bayeux Tapestry. In the case of St Valery, this would be the departure of William and his troops from St Valery and Battle would stitch the section depicting their disembarkation in Pevensey.

The idea was welcomed by the Battle Twinning Association. Chairman Michael Betts said: “This Battle Tapestry project led by the Twinning Association is for all Battle residents to participate in, to help strengthen the community spirit and to promote Battle within the 1066 area.”

Members Joan Betts, Tina White and Suzanne Williams have agreed to take responsibility for the Battle project, which will be kicked off at a special coffee morning to be held in the St Valery Room of the Battle Memorial Halls on Saturday, January 20 from 10am to 1pm. All residents are encouraged and welcome to attend, as this will be run as a community endeavour.

Michael Betts will outline the project and Tina Greene will initiate it with the first stitch and be on hand to demonstrate the stitching techniques involved. The regular stitching events will take place weekly in Battle Library on Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm starting on February 15.

Tina was able to source embroidery kits of both scenes with appropriately coloured wool from the specialist shop, Bayeux Broderie in Bayeux. The owner, Mme Chantal James, who provided all the wool for the Battle Tapestry, has exclusive rights to reproduce any section of the Bayeux Tapestry in embroidery kit form which are available online at

The St Valery part of the project will be initiated by Tina in St Valery on March 13 at the opening of the Tapestry exhibition when stitching demonstrations will be given, an exhibition of Battle ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ photographs will be opened and other related tapestries will be on display.

Tina said: “I am so glad we have a new Tapestry project. It was such fun last time stitching the Battle Tapestry, I am sure lots of men, women and children will come to help the Twinning Association complete this exciting project.”

It is hoped both projects will be completed by the end of August in time for the annual joint Twinning Associations meeting.