Battle vets reunite dog owner with stolen pet

A HEARTBROKEN dog owner, who feared he would never see his stolen pet again, has been reunited with her, thanks to a Battle vets.

Douglas Barker was devastated when his two spaniels, Willow and Meg, were taken from his car in Faversham, Kent, on January 13.

A desperate Mr Barker made an appeal on local television in a bid to trace the missing dogs.

Three days later, an eagle-eyed member of the public spotted a loose dog running around Battle Great Woods and took her to the Senlac Veterinary Centre in Mount Street.

Checks revealed the springer spaniel was Meg, who had been stolen from Kent.

Vet Charlotte Collins said: “We searched the dog because both of those dogs were microchipped and we were able to get in touch with the company which holds the details and get in touch with Mr Barker, who was overjoyed his dog was found.”

And there was more good news for Mr Barker as missing Willow was found in Hastings on January 15.

Meg and her relieved owner were reunited at Senlac Vets on January 18, two days after she was found.

Charlotte said: “He was really thrilled.

“Meg’s family were heartbroken by the theft and delighted they have been reunited.”

She added: “We were all very happy about it.

“It was a nice, happy ending.

“We relatively frequently have stray dogs and cats come in, we manage to reunite them with their owners if they are microchipped, but it’s unusual for a stolen dog to be found like that.”

Charlotte says the incident highlights the importance of owners microchipping their pets.

Please call 772148 for more information.