Battle World War museum needs YOU

15/10/13- Yesterday's World, Battle.
15/10/13- Yesterday's World, Battle.
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TO MARK the 100th anniversary of World War I, a new Great War and Blitz Experience is being created at Yesterday’s World Museum of Living History in Battle.

And the museum is appealing for members of the public to come forward with donations or loans of artefacts to help create an experience which will provide a true insight into Wartime Britain.

A spokesperson said: “Between now and January we are asking for our local communities to search their lofts, cupboards and sheds for medals, letters, war artefacts, antiques, military memorabilia and fine bone china based around the war years from 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 all memorabilia is welcome.

“You can lend us the items or donate them we don’t mind which, as long as you can help us tell the story of local war heroes and veterans.”

The new display will be recreated in January for everyone to enjoy in 2014.

The new exhibitions will include an interactive Trenches Experience and a blitz street scene which will incorporate a walkthrough exhibition displaying all of the artefacts collected.

The museum will add a pub, sweet shop, armoury, 1940’s living room and bedroom. And it is hoped an Anderson shelter will be donated to the project.

Ahead of the new display, Yesterday’s World will open a ‘Great Battle Vintage Tearoom’ on November 23. The existing tearoom will be transformed into a Naffi-style tearoom, transporting visitors to 1914.

Throughout the year the tearoom will host Cockney Knees Ups, Old Time Music Hall events, craft afternoons and tea dances.

Yesterday’s World is looking for volunteers, historians and curators to help with commentary and information for visitors.

All volunteers will need to be on hand in period dress to showcase the displays and features.

During the years ahead the museum will be supporting a Military Charity Trust called Military Heroes, which supports the work of the Army, Navy/Marines and RAF Benevolent Funds.

Yesterday’s World will display collection buckets where donations can be made and will also collect on event days and offer percentage donations from special events towards supporting injured soldiers and veterans

To get in contact with the museum, please call Donna or Sammy on 01424 777226 or email