Be on the look out for counterfeit money

POLICE are warning retailers in the Rye and Battle area to take extra care when accepting bank notes.

The warning comes after shops and businesses in Bexhill last week were hit by a spate of incidents which saw fraudsters trying to pass off fake Scottish £20 notes.

PCSO Mick Hill, from Rother’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “I’d like to urge not only Bexhill retailers but all shops across the area to ensure any banknotes being passed to you are thoroughly checked before being accepted.

“Scottish notes in particular are troublesome if you are not familiar with them, especially in this part of the country where we are less familiar with them.

“This is because there are many different variations used, with three main Scottish banks printing their own notes.

“However, you can use the same principles used when examining Bank of England notes by checking holograms, security threads and watermarks.”

Last week eight retailers at the Ravenside shopping centre and Devonshore Road, had reported receiving the fake notes between Wednesday and Thursday alone.

Police have released details of the three men suspected of passing them.

They have been described as white men in their 30s. One was 6’2” in height with dark brown/black hair wearing a bright red jumper; another was shorter with short brown hair wearing a hat and dark fleece; and the third was described as tall and wearing a navy blue hooded top with a logo on the back. All of the notes reported have the same serial number of 318150.

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