Bears in the air at Brede

Beatrice Ackerley SUS-140907-102135001
Beatrice Ackerley SUS-140907-102135001

St. George’s Church in Brede became a launching pad for intrepid parachuting teddy bears last weekend.

Numerous children and adults came with Teddy Bears, rabbits and an assortment of other animals, including a pink pig that almost got arrested by the police.

They had parachute harnesses attached before being taken up in a wicker basket to the top of the tower.

Here they were launched and, in most cases, parachuted gently down to the ground although a few had the unfortunate experience of finishing up on the church roof or in a tree.

However, all were reunited with their owners and, once safely back on the ground, each bear was given a badge and a certificate.

Besides the parachuting there were games for children, a lucky dip and cakes and teas available throughout the afternoon and, fortunately, the weather stayed fine.