Deborah Ongley

Beckley Main Street

I note with some surprise the correspondence on the Beckley Village Society website concerning the lack of progress on the introduction of a 30mph limit in Beckley. Perhaps not many of those writing have attended the Parish Council meetings or Parish Assemblies of the last few years!

The Parish Council minutes of 1911 are the first recorded mention of a need for a speed limit for traffic passing Beckley School. Requests have regularly been made to the Highway Authority (once Battle Rural District Council) but alls fell on deaf ears! Finally, the Labour Government of 2004 instructed Highway Authorities to introduce 30mph speed limits as follows:

“On the basis of the minimum number of houses and length of speed limit, an average density of at least 3 houses per 100 metres over the extent of the 30mph speed limit is recommended.”

Thus, ESCC, who are currently the Highway Authority, first came to the Parish Council in April 2009 with a proposed 30mph speed limit from Budden’s Green west as far as Beckley Motors. The Parish Council’s attitude at that time was “Great! Do it tomorrow, but could you extend the area to include the rest of Main Street and the part of the A268 in the village please?” ESCC said it was only a draft and police/safety audits were needed before they could leave a plan with us for discussion. The scheme involved an island west of the school and the widening of the road in order to make space for this.

ESCC staffs were invited to attend the May 2009 Parish Assembly meeting, but were unable to do so. The meeting keenly endorsed a 30mph speed limit, but villagers were concerned about the proposed island and the parked cars outside the school. They wanted a limit with signs and road markings only. This was put to ESCC, who produced a new scheme.

Early 2010 the new scheme was unveiled displaying two build-outs, one at Beckley Motors and one west of the school by the bus stop. Again, the map could not be left for consultation.

May 2010 the Parish Assembly again strongly requested a 30mph speed limit. A number of objectors to build-outs made their case. Farmers were concerned that modern tractors would not be able to get into their fields, Beckley Motors was concerned that the tanker deliveries would become impossible and parents were concerned that irresponsibly parked cars could jeopardise children’s safety by the school. ESCC staff were invited to attend, but were unable to do so.

June 2010 there was a public meeting organised by ESCC in the Village Hall to discuss the build-outs scheme. Two ESCC members of staff came and about 40 villagers attended. The estimated cost of the scheme was £50 - £60,000 and villagers were scandalised that this expense was proposed in a recession. Villagers again requested a scheme without build-outs. Villagers asked that signs and road markings only be used. The ESCC officers explained that the police would only enforce a limit on an ‘A’ road, thus any proposal needed to include traffic calming features so that the limit became self-regulating. Villagers asked that a new scheme be brought to another public meeting.

ESCC have spent two years producing another scheme and in May this year they advised the Parish Council that they had a new plan with five build-outs. As Parish Clerk I have been chasing the Highways Department for a meeting on this over the last four months, as the council is keen to progress it to a public meeting to give villagers their voice.

I hope I have made it clear that at no time has the Parish Council dragged its feet or lost its enthusiasm for a 30mph speed limit through the village. Unfortunately, it seems difficult to impress on the Highways Authority the realities of life in Main Street – parking for the school, parking outside the recreation ground on Saturday mornings, access to the fields for tractors and access to Beckley Motors for tankers all need to be taken into account. Staff changes may account for some of the communication difficulties, but they cannot really justify the hugely extended period over which ESCC have been ‘consulting’.

12 September 2012 30mph Speed Limit Saga Update

On the 24th September two officers from ESCC Highways came to a meeting with six members of the Parish

Council, bringing along the May Plan with five build-outs which had now been assessed by the road safety team. The audit had flagged up a number of safety issues, some of which were matters already raised by Beckley Parish Council e.g. the difficulty of accessing the field by the bus stop. Since the officers had not changed the plan to accommodate either the objections raised by the Beckley Parish Council or the safety audit there seemed little option but to await their next draft. Once more they were unable to leave a plan with us for public discussion.

At the October Beckley Parish Council meeting the council resolved to approach the leader of ESCC, Cllr Peter Jones, again over the matter. At the Parish Assembly 2010 Cllr Jones had witnessed many villagers raising concerns about build-outs and had reassured them “If you don’t want build-outs, you don’t have to have them.” Readers will have appreciated that ESCC are proliferating build-outs rather than removing them and the council seeks Cllr Jones’ help in resolving the interminable debate.

Write up by Valerie Ades , Clerk, Beckley Parish Council

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