Better news for Rye boat owners on mooring fees

BOAT owners have escaped a hefty increase in Rye mooring charges.

The Environment Agency had planned to increase harbour charges for pleasure craft by a whacking 11.4 percent.

But following protests from Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association the increase has now been cut to five percent.

The Association had warned that boats would be put off from visiting Rye by the high charges.

The proposed 11.4 percent followed a 12 percent increase imposed by the Environment Agency last year.

Chairman of the Boat Owners Association Charles Bronsdon said: "Both myself and Richard Hopper, treasurer of Rye Harbour Sailing Club, vigorously argued against the increase.

"It was pointed out that it would make sense to reduce the leisure charges which would then, hopefully, encourage more visitors and more permanent berth holders, thus possibly increasing the revenue, rather than increasing the charges."

Speaking this week, following the Environment Agency's change of heart, Mr Bronsdon said: "They listened to what we had to say and we are very grateful for that.

"This puts the fees on a more competitive scale which is important as we area tidal river rather than a marina.

"Hopefully it will encourage more boats to visit Rye."