Beware of the cows warns Sussex county council

cow danger 2
cow danger 2

Walkers are being urged to take care when they come into contact with cows this summer following the death of a pensioner in Wiltshire.

The 66 year old was walking his dog with his 70 year old brother in May when he was trampled to death by a herd of cows.

Although there have been no fatalities in East Sussex, there have been incidents of cows attacking walkers, particularly those with dogs.

A few years ago a man was badly injured at Winchelsea when he was attacked by cows while walking his dog.

Following last month’s attack, East Sussex County Council is reminding people that the normally docile animals can become aggressive towards walkers with dogs and charge, especially when calves are present.

Councillor Carl Maynard, said: “Thankfully serious incidents involving walkers and cattle are very rare. However, we would always recommend walkers take steps to keep themselves as safe as possible.

“We want people to enjoy the beautiful countryside East Sussex has to offer, but we would encourage people to consider taking a mobile phone when out walking so they can call for help if they need to.”

Walkers are advised to be prepared for cattle to react to their presence, especially if they have a dog with them. They should move quietly and if possible go round a herd.

Don’t get between cows and their calves and do not hang onto your dog if threatened by cattle. Don’t panic or run. Most cattle will stop before they reach you.

John Archer of the NFU said: “Walkers should remember the countryside is a working environment. Give space to animals rearing their young.”