Bexhill family ‘financially messed up’ after problems with fitting of Carpetright flooring

A Bexhill mother fighting breast cancer said she has been left ‘financially messed up’ after problems caused by a carpet fitter installing Carpetright flooring.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 12:00 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 12:11 pm
Carpetright. Picture: Google

Kay Charka moved into a five-bed new build property in Little Common in the first week of October 2018.

She said she and her husband paid for the installation of luxury vinyl tile flooring, made up of tiles that click together.

However, an inspector found the click flooring installed on the ground floor by a third-party fitter working for Carpetright was not level and sloped by up to 12mm per metre.

An inspector found Kay Charka's flooring sloped by up to 12mm per metre

The upstairs flooring sloped by 10mm per metre, according to the inspector.

Mrs Charka said: “We have given Carpetright six attempts to put this right. They have promised to cover all costs, however, no fitter will take the job on as the job is challenging.

“The job is so big, we have to pack, remove and store all our belongings, and find accommodation for approximately eight nights for my family – we have twin six-year-old boys and my mum stays with us from Monday to Friday.

“Our out of pocket expenses will be thousands of pounds. We are so financially messed up right now.”

An inspector found Kay Charka's flooring sloped by up to 12mm per metre

In summary, an inspector said the vinyl click flooring was not level, there was bounce in the chipboard flooring upstairs and the skirting boards and door frames were damaged by an ‘excessive’ amount of silicon sealant.

The inspector also found the sub-floor on the property’s ground floor was concrete and the screed applied to make the floor even was in itself ‘not level and even’.

Carpetright said the issues related solely to fitting issues created by a third-party fitter who ‘no longer has any connection’ to the company.

A spokesman added: “Carpetright has offered Mrs Charka several fair resolutions and additional gestures of goodwill, all of which were declined.”

An inspector said the wrong type of tiling had been fitted throughout the house

Mrs Charka said Carpetright had offered her a refund but a condition meant they could not recover their consequential losses, something Mrs Charka said equated to a significant amount.

Carpetright added: “We have shared the fitter’s contact details with Mrs Charka and her husband, so that the fitter can resolve the problems.”

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