Big Freeze could be on way

Long range weather forecasters are predicting one of the coldest winters on record with Arctic conditions expected.

Though forecasters say it is still to early to agree on a definitive outlook for the coming winter they agree Britain could be in for an especially chilly one.

Forecaster James Madden, “significant snowfall” is likely in weeks in some parts of the country, with savage frosts and thick winter fogs threatening widespread misery.

A major freeze would follow what turned out last year to be the wettest winter since records began in 1910, which saw flooding in parts of the Rye and Battle area.

Mr Madden said: “A number of potentially very cold periods of weather and major snow events are likely to develop throughout this winter across large parts of the country, in particular, throughout the latter part of December and into January.”

“The worst case and more plausible scenario could bring something on a similar par to the winter of 2009/10, the coldest in 31 years, or an event close to 2010/11 which experienced the coldest December in 100 years.”