Bike seized after rider clocks up 105mph

A BIKER has had his machine seized by police after clocking up 105mph along Pett Level Road,

The arrogant biker even told police who stopped him earlier in the day that they would not change his driving.

Rye police sergeant Warren Downs said: “The motorcyclist was stopped on Saturday. He told the officer’s that their intervention would not stop his dangerous driving .

“As a result he was targeted and caught doing 105mph on the Pett Level Road .

“He was arrested for dangerous driving and a retention order has been placed on the machine.

“Sussex Police encourage and environment where law abiding individuals us the roads of Sussex in safety. “We will tackle criminality by use of intelligence to direct our specialist skills and resources.”

“This motorcyclist showed no regard for his own personal safety or that of other road users”

The incident comes as Rye Police carry out an ongoing crack-down on speeding in the area.

Bikers were given spot fines last month after police teams carried out checks at Camber Sands, Winchelsea Beach and Icklesham.

Fed-up residents have listed noisy and speeding motorbikes as one of their main concerns in consultation meetings with police.

Police have also launched an operation called Rye Ride Safe with the aim of reducing the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on the roads around Rye

Several officers from Rye’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, representing every village in the Rye area, spent the day at Strand Quay last month engaging with motorcyclists and expressing the concerns of local residents surrounding speeding and road safety.

The summer-long operation has now moved onto ‘stop and advise’ and ‘enforcement’ stages

To report any incidents of speeding or antisocial driving to Sussex police on 0845 60 70 999 or via Operation Crackdown on 01243 642222 or