Biker’s death was a tragedy says Coroner

21/2/14- Floral tributes at the scene of a fatal road traffic accident in Rye Harbour Road, Rye SUS-140221-124928001
21/2/14- Floral tributes at the scene of a fatal road traffic accident in Rye Harbour Road, Rye SUS-140221-124928001
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An eye-witness told an inquest this week that he estimated a motorcyclist was travelling at 100 mph when he overtook a vehicle and crashed into a van that was turning into a driveway.

Liam Moore, 20, died at the scene following the accident on the Rye Harbour Road on the afternoon of February 19.

Liam, a local fisherman, was travelling toward Rye on his powerful 1,000cc Suzuki motorcycle.

He was thrown into the air by the collision and hit by a Vauxhall Zafira car in the other lane.

Pathologist Andrew Rainey told the inquest that the initial impact, which caused severe head injuries, would have caused his death.

He said: “I have seen the dent in the van and the impact would have taken place at considerable speed. He would not have survived that.”

Dr Rainey said that Liam would have lost consciousness immediately.

The inquest heard that the weather was clear and visibility good at the time of the collision.

Witness Sean O’Byrne, who was walking at the time. said: “I saw a black 4x4 and heard a motorcycle accelerating.

“I would describe the bike as gunning it. I would estimate the speed would have been 100mph. I could not believe the speed the bike was going.

I saw the white van in the process of turning and it was almost into the driveway.

“I could see what was going to happen and the biker ploughed into him at full speed.

“The rider and bike somersaulted through the air - it was like an explosion going off. There were bits flying everywhere.

The bike came down on the rider and the silver Zafira had no chance of stopping and went over the bike and rider.

The driver of the Zafira was in pieces. There was nothing whatsoever she could have done.

Thomas Bourne, who was driving the black Mitsubishi 4x4, said: “I was travelling at 60mph and the bike went past me. I could see the white van turning but had time to stop.”

Van driver Anthony Wright, 84, said: “I was turning into my small-holding. I did not see the bike and just heard a bang and was showered with glass.”

Police accident investigation officer Steve Ashby told the inquest that it was impossible to calculate the exact speed the bike was travelling but said it would have been in excess of 60mph in order to overtake the 4x4.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a conclusion that Liam dies in a road traffic accident and described the incident as ‘a tragedy’.