Bikers hit Rye as town basks in hot sunshine

Rye Ride Safe
Rye Ride Safe

HUNDREDS of bikers took over Rye’s Strand Quay as the sun shone over the bank holiday weekend .

The bikers provided a welcome boost for cafes and restaurants in the town but other residents and visitors complained of noise and anti-social riding.

Len Ridley commented: “I was sitting in the Gun Garden and all you could hear was the noise of bikes from the A259.

“I saw a number of bikers riding really dangerously on Winchelsea Road, coming out of Rye. They were weaving in and out of traffic and going across into the other lane. A number were acting really irresponsibly and riding like they owned the road.”

Mum of three Nicola Cartmell said: “The noise was horrendous. They seemed to be having a good time and the bikes do look impressive, but they act as if they own the place.”

Police have been speaking to bikers about riding in a responsible manner.

They estimated around 300 motorcyclists were in town for the first May bank holiday and numbers were still high last Saturday and Sunday.

Police launched Operation Ride-Safe, giving advice and information on wearing the right equipment, safe riding and respecting the community whose roads they ride through.

PC Paul Fielder, said: “We run these events each year to coincide with the warmer weather and influx of bikers.

“Rye has become even more important in educating Sussex and Kent motocyclists recently with new Bike Safe courses aimed at decreasing deaths and serious injuries. They are held at Rye Fire Station.

In previous years there have been a significant number of complaints about bikers blocking foot-paths and emergency exits with their machines at Strand Quay.

Rye Heritage Centre manager Peter Cosstick said: “There were not as many bikers as the first May holiday though there were a significant number.

“I was not aware of any problems being caused at all.”