Blue Cross chief goes undercover for documentary

BLUE Cross chief executive Kim Hamilton joined front-line staff and volunteers at the animal welfare charity when she went undercover for a Channel 4 documentary.

Kim, who made the controversial decision to close Northiam’s animal adoption centre, features in an episode of Channel 4’s Undercover Boss next Tuesday.

for Channel 4

The Blue Cross is the first charity to feature in the prime time television series.

The popular programme shows high profile bosses leaving the comfort of their offices to get their hands dirty in an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of the organisation they lead.

Swapping her suit for scrubs and her diary for a dog bowl, Kim Hamilton poses as a volunteer at the charity’s adoption centres and hospitals, working incognito alongside kennel workers and vet nurses to care for sick and homeless animals.

Before joining The Blue Cross, Kim was a city banker who was motivated by the tragic events of 9/11 to re-evaluate her life, get out of the fast lane of ‘morally bankrupt’ city life.

For seven exhausting days, Kim donned a disguise to take on the roles of animal welfare assistant, vet nurse, hospital receptionist, ambulance driver and educational speaker.

Her emotional journey takes her through the highs and lows of animal welfare work, from the joy of bringing five newborn kittens into the world, to the sadness of being faced with a van full of unwanted and abandoned dogs.

Kim added: “In my time as a city banker and chief executive, I’ve often endured tough working days, long hours and impossible decisions, but I’ve never experienced such physical and emotional exhaustion as those days undercover at The Blue Cross. I’ve always known that our people are hard working and dedicated, but I had no idea how truly passionate they are for their work and to what lengths they will go to do their bit for animals in need.”

Visit The Blue Cross website during or after the programme to find out what happened to the animals featured and view exclusive interviews and pictures with Kim, staff and volunteers. Or follow The Blue Cross Twitter feed @The_Blue_Cross.

Although the Northiam Centre is closing it will continue to take and re-home small animals for at least another year.

The equine centre at Northiam is now closed.