Blue Cross face a kitten crisis

Britain is on the brink of a kitten crisis warns the Blue Cross pet charity.

The charity is taking in an average of five unwanted and abandoned kittens every day1 across the country. Their centre in Northiam is currently caring for four unwanted kittens and braced for more as ‘kitten season’ gets into full swing.

The charity is being inundated with homeless kittens, with an alarming 33 per cent rise2 in the number of kittens they have taken in across the country so far this year.

They are urging cat owners to get their pets neutered to prevent even more unwanted animals.

The charity is also caring for ever-increasing numbers of pregnant cats, leading to the number of kittens born at Blue Cross centres nearly doubling in the last five years.

Two-year-old cat Pebbles was brought to the Northiam centre after she had a surprise litter of four kittens.

“Her owners hadn’t realised she was pregnant until she gave birth to Cupcake, Muffin, Eccles and Flapjack. They were moving house and sadly couldn’t take Pebbles or her kittens along, so handed them over to Blue Cross.

Maria Steel, Rehoming Centre Manager for Blue Cross in Northiam, said: “We often take in cats whose owners give them up when they realise they are in the late stages of pregnancy, as well as lots of strays with kittens.

“So not only are hundreds of kittens looking for homes but so are many mums, who sadly aren’t snapped up as quickly by new owners.

“If owners would only have had their pets neutered, they wouldn’t be in the heart-breaking position of having to make the decision to give up a family pet.”