Geoffrey Goodsell,
13 Levetts Lane

SORRY to hear after a good service to the National Trust Bodiam Castle Bernice Williamson has decided to retire. I will miss Bernice. If you ask her to give a message to the Number One at the castle or to William at the castle, you were sure the two boys would get it. And that counts for a lot in my mind.

It was good to see Vera Sims at the last Levetts Lane Residents’ Association meeting, but oh what are we to do with her - Vera made the tea but no biscuits! The next event for the association will be the Christmas event on December 8 and needs everyone’s support.

The next service at St Giles is the Family Service at 11.15am on November 4. With the Remembrance Service on November 11 at 11am and after at the War Memorial.

The next meeting of the parish council is on October 29, 7pm in the Parish Room. Members of the public and the press have right to attend and are welcome to attend. The meeting will be open for public participation from 7.30pm to 7.40pm.

More news on the Castle Inn fireworks and bonfire night on November 16 at 6.30pm. This year the pre-school is to play a big part in it. The little people will make the Guy and all will take part in the lantern parade. Also at the event, pre-school committee members will have tins for people to dip into their pockets. The Guy will be a lady, as a member of staff has told me.

Vera Sims from Levetts Lane has her big day on October 27 - it is her birthday. It is good to know that this year Vera will have all of her family round for tea. We are all with you Vera for help and support, but please do not have a lot to drink. We know what you are like after you have had just one drink.

The Bodiam Pre-School committee would like to say how very sorry that the jumble sale did not take place and sorry to the people who came by car and bus to the event.